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Yaris 2009 Sudan when a.c. is On fan vibrates too much and make noice

From yesterday when I was driving suddenly I heard noise coming from engine and my car started vibrating when I opened the hood I saw fan front of engine vibrating too much but a.c. is okay heating and cooling system is working fine can anybody help me why fan started vibrating too much and giving noise and how can i fix it

Offhand, sounds like the fan itself has failed. Possibly a blade is broken or distorted from heat which throws it out of balance. This needs to be fixed ASAP lest it completely fail and take out the radiator. Don’t use the A/C until repaired as this will prevent fan operation and buy you some time.

Sudan ---- Sedan. :slight_smile:


09 Yaris Sudan? Is that the East African edition? (Sorry, I had to beat VDCdriver :wink:. )

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It could be that one or more of the bolts that hold the fan have come loose. I think on my Corolla the fan bolts to the radiator, so also check that the radiator hasn’t come loose from its support. There may be some rubber parts that isolate the radiator from the metal parts on the car, and those can degrade or fall out.

A Yaris?
I’m sorry, but I wouldn’t know a Yaris from a Yo-Yo because every foreign car dealership is at least 2,000 miles from where I live, and all of the real 'Muricans in my area drive nothing except American-made cars.

(Sorry, I had to beat “common sense answer” to the punch. :grin:)