Y my car when speed it will hear the tired rolling sound very noisy..?


my car face the problem tads is very nisy when drive fast…will hear the tired rolling sound…how 2 prevent it??

pls tell me…thz^^


A little more info like Make, model, year, miles, OEM tires and wheels, Aftermarket tires and wheels, etc would be helpful.

Folks here will be more inclined to help if the question is in plain english without all the abbreviations. I’m guessing what you are asking is why are the tires noisy when driving fast. Make sure the tire pressure is set correctly first. From experience, I’ve found high performance tires to be noisier than regular tires, it may be the nature of the beast. Wheel bearings that are failing will sound like tire noise also. If the pitch changes when the steering wheel is turned off-center (i.e. changing lanes) that is an indicator of bad front wheel bearings. Until you get this checked out it would be best not to drive the car at excessive speeds.

Ed B.


In addition to what edb1961 stated, I can tell you that badly worn tires will usually make more noise than tires that are not badly worn. But, since you have not shared any information about the condition of your tires (or anything else relevant), this is just a shot in the dark.