Xterra issue

2001 Xterra started coughing and sputtering a few miles from a grocery store. It was parked for about a half hour. It made it about 5 feet from the parking spot before the engine stopped running. It was pushed into the parking spot and wouldn’t start back up. About 5 hours after this it drove back home (10ish miles) coughing a bit. Any ideas? Has codes P1126, PO171, PO325

You need a mechanic. Look for a well rated independent shop.

I researched the codes. The P1126 is a bad throttle body motor, P0171 is a lean condition and a P0325 isa bad knock sensor. These tell me there are several unrelated problems with your car that will take some effort to diagnose. Based on the lack of information in your post, I suspect you don’t have the skills to do this yourself.

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