Xterra door won't unlock/open

I have a 2006 Nissan Xterra. 2 days ago I went to put my daughter in the car, and the rear passenger side door wouldn’t open. I climbed in from the other side and tried to manually unlock the door, and it literally would not unlock. All the other doors unlock and open both automatically and manually. Its two days later and we still can’t get the door to unlock. Any advice?

It’s a catch-22 situation, the best way to fix it is to start with the door open, but you can’t, because that’s the problem. hmmm … is it possible it is frozen shut? Maybe just putting it in a heated garage would get it to open. If not, your mechanic will probably have to remove the inside door panel for a look-see. It may be possible to remove the door panel as is, but it might be necessary to remove the rear seat first. Once you get it open, make sure there is nothing in the door jam area that is causing this. Probably the issue is something inside the door has broken or come loose or just needs a lube.