2004 Nissan Xterra - locks can’t be opened

There are external locks on driver’s door & lift gate. Both are locked & can’t be opened. Therefore the car can not be entered! Car bought used – there is only one key/fob.

A locksmith can probably get in. Then you can drove it to your mechanic for diagnosis and repair. Since you key can not manual unlock the car eith the lock is bad or the solenoid that operates the lock is preventing you from unlocking the door.

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AAA or another road service can unlock the driver’s door cheaper than a locksmith. Some police departments used to do that sort of thing if they weren’t busy, no idea if yours does. Do a web search for “auto lockout service.”

When I called AAA they sent a locksmith.

I haven’t called AAA for a lockout in years but when I did they sent a guy with a lockout kit, no locksmith involved.

If I had to hire a locksmith to come out, I would have them make a key for the door. Waiting until now to have a key made was a mistake.

My wife and I had this problem with a Chrysler rental when we accidentally locked the keys in. Luckily, a policemen pulled into our Macdonald’s and he quickly unlocked the car with a slim-jim. The rental agreement was sitting on the front seat, so we did not have a credibility problem.