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Xenon Lights Replacement COSTS!

I have 2004 Volvo XC90 with Xenon headlamps. Stunned by cost of a bulb 100.00+.

Recently found that the Ballast that drive the bulb has failed. Dealer is looking at 600.00 to replace this.

Should we not have a LAW inplace that force carmakers to make safty equipment repairs afforable!

If the xenon lights were options, when the car was new, you could retro-fit standard headlights. If you can’t do that, a salvage yard might have the ballast system for a fortune less than the dealer price.

Salvge yards in NE have been checked not finding any with a drivers side headlight.
Only need the ballast not a complete headlamp.
Would be happy to take out the option and install lights that can be replaced,How does on go about taking out the existing Xenon does wire harness need modifications

For regular HID metal halide, sometimes called Zenon, lighting, any brand ballast can be used with any brand lamp as long as the wattage ratings match and a metal halide ballast is used with a metal halide lamp. There is also high pressure sodium lamping, mercury lamping and less common, low pressure sodium lamping.

I don’t know enough yet to say if this universality is true with auto headlamps of a given type and wattage but it bears investigation. It might be necessary to do some connector swapping and a little creativity to mount the ballast. Call the people at EBay has HID ballasts. Google “auto HID replacement ballasts” or "auto Zenon replacement ballasts

There has to be a way to avoid the dealer price.

Here is one source for HID headlamps:

Those costs aren’t outrageous for HID’s. You can do it yourself for less money, but be sure to disconnect the battery first. Keep in mind, that if you drive a high end car, expect to pay high end repair prices.

Should we not have a LAW inplace that force carmakers to make safty equipment repairs afforable!

Conversely, we could adopt the more sensible approach that people should only buy cars that are within their means to purchase, operate and maintain.

but how would Mercedes, or most of the Euro brands for that matter, stay in business? :stuck_out_tongue:

So you can just plug the kits in instead of the bulb and have HID for $200? But the lights aren’t street legal?

  • 1,000,000!!

No one forced you to purchase a Volvo equipped with these lights. $600 is a drop in the bucket with a Volvo’s repair prices especially at dealer.

Another vote for salvage yard or search the internet and Volvo specific forums for possible alternatives. Maybe ebay?