2001 Cadillac STS Xenon lights

Both of my low beams went out within a month of each other. After purchasing new bulbs I determined the ballasts are the culprit. I refuse to pay over $400 each for OEM ballasts. Has anyone ran into this issue and resolved it?

I don’t have totally reliable data, but it would appear that it is not all that unusual, especially on cars around the age of yours.

Sorry, but I don’t know of any easy, cheap fixes. Keep checking back as someone may have a much better answer than I do.

Why or why did the auto industry decide we all wanted and needed expensive headlamps, when most of them are no better than the old sealed beam lamps and some not as good but all far more expensive.

Expensive Car. Expensive Lights. I Don’t Think $800 Dollars Is Too Bad Every Ten Or Eleven Years Years For Xenox Lights On A Car That Sold For $48,245 + Tax. It’s Not An Econobox.


Unfortunately $800 is 20% of the trade-in value at my local dealership. The fact that they worked for 10 years is a good thing but I don’t plan to have it another 10.

Hope you’re good at wiring…

I Wonder If The Local Salvage Yard(s) Have Anything For You ? Are These Ballasts Remote From / Integral With The Headlight / Bulb Module, Easy To change ?

I’m a cheapskate and as a challenge, often use salvage parts for older cars. My little local yard would’t charge much for such a piece, but who knows how long it would last, used ? Feeling lucky ?