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XADO: Snake oil, or the real thing?

I had a salesman pop in today from the local Xado shop. For those who have not heard of Xado, it will supposedly deposit its magical “cermet” material onto worn parts restoring them to “like new” condition. The material was supposedly a Soviet military secret for decades. I don’t recall seeing a lot of worn out Russian tanks in news footage, so maybe it’s for real. It is supposedly made in Ukraine.

He had half of a large, probably main, bearing out of a diesel engine. It was very worn looking in the center with wear down to the copper layer. The outer edges, which looked like new, measured the same as the center with a micrometer. So what? It could easily be a stage prop, made to look that way. The stuff isn’t cheap. Three tubes required to “treat” one worn engine in three stages will set you back right at $100. One tube required to treat a differential is $35. I looked at the packaging on the differential tube. It had a statement to the effect that if the gears were worn out, they’d still need replacing. Well then, why bother? The picture showed a well worn gear restored to “like new” condition.

Never heard of it.

Probably not worth it.

Never heard of it but a quick look at their website shows that it’s the same cliche template a 1000 other snake oil products use.

Sounds like the typical snake oil to me.

If it sounds too good to be true it probably IS too good to be true.

Health care and car care share the same snake oil syndrome; it prays on fear and gullibility to get your money. There are a small number of actually good products that work, as testified by our posters, but they do not promise miracle cures.

It’s gotta be legit, right? Straight out of Russia, with a neat background story, a military secret, all that stuff. Perfect setup! Love how scammers take a grain of truth (those Soviets sure knew how to keep broken down stuff running) and build a mountian out of it…

Snake oil. Save your money.

Your question had ALL the answers in it.

It supposedly the best, (but unable to have definitive proof)

And you saw the warning on the tube which said: ‘if there worn out they will still need replacing’.

sounds fishy to me.

BUT, it probably works really well on a car which was driven by an old lady, only on Sundays to church!

I’m certain we’ll get countless questions on this new snake oil. Thank you MG for the “heads-up”.

I looked their website. Unfortunately, their “worn surfaces” graphic does not depict how surfaces wear. Wear surfaces don’t grow peaks and etch valleys, the “peaks” left from the machining processes wear off and “valleys” don’t form except as a result of corrosion, not an issue in engine wear surfaces. Except, perhaps, in that “yard marker” 1930’s rust heap I saw in a field recently. I might add too that “[eaks and velleys” can be good…they’re the whole reason for “honing” cylinders.

Since that part of the theory is bogus, and we know it cannot replace the material removed from the “peaks”, then the only question left is “exactly how correct WAS P.T. Barnum anyway?”. Someone will make mucho on this scam. Hopefully we can prevent a few folks from geting taken.

When I started reading the post, I thought XADO would be exactly what I would need for my lawnmower which is using oil and now doubles as a mosquito fogger. However, for $100 I can buy two goats to do the mowing–one for the front yard and one for the back.

Here you go…

Hell, with all the rain we’ve been getting here in Ohio, you might be able to make some money off that lawn mower. :stuck_out_tongue:

For $150 I bought an electric lawnmower.

Yes, this is a great company. It’s in my area and I knew the person who started it. I also had a student in class who got a job doing the computer work for this business.

We’ve had the same rain here in Indiana. I don’t even bother to turn my lawn mower off–I just leave it running (well, that is stretching things slightly). We have had three evenings of severe thunderstorm warnings, tornado watches and warnings and flash flood watches and warnings.

I can’t use an electric mower. Every so often our power company sends us 25 hz current generated by a power plant in Keokcuck, Iowa. (Actually, the Keokuck, Iowa plant converted to 60 hz power right after WW II. We had relatives in Illinois when I was a kid who had 25 hz power generated by this company).

Hi everybody and greetings from Ukraine. First of all ? I do work for XADO. So, all those who love finding secret company sales agents between the honest forum lines ? you can relax right away. I am not going to sell here anything.
I do not have much time to browse through various forums and try to convince everybody for how great our products are. There are many products out there, produced by OTHER manufacturers for which I have big respect. Why? BECAUSE I HAVE TRIED THEM.
The one thing I can say for sure: it is upsets me very much when I see someone comes to quick conclusion about certain technology being ?another snake oil? or scam? That someone, who never actually tried to use the product.
For all those who actually tried our products, applied it correctly and knew what results to expect ? thank you. I am sure you weren?t disappointed at all.