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Wuh-wuh-wuh groaning rubbing noise in the front passenger wheel area

Hello all,
So I just had my tires rotated, wheels aligned and new wheel bearing and Cv installed and I am STILL experiencing an intermittent wuh-wuh-wuh rubbing groaning sound from the passenger front wheel area. The noise usually starts as soon as the car starts rolling and smooths out by the time I hit about 35. Les Schwab said there were no clearance issues that they could see. It’s not the tires. Apparently the brakes have some sorta high spot on them. Perhaps the caliper is also seizing? Pads are at 4mm.
Edit: Rotor run out was approximately .8mm.

Take it back to the shop that did the work. Maybe another mechanic can find the problem…


I’ve had that in the cab when parked!

This sounds like a wheel bearing issue in your brakes. Have you had your brakes checked.

4 mm on the pads is getting close to the wear limit, but wouldn’t usually cause this problem. I doubt that’s the reason. More likely it’s the high spot on the rotor. Ask your shop to measure the rotor run out on that wheel. The acceptable limit is usually in the 0.15 mm range, so not much. The counter-argument to the rotor high spot theory is that usually the symptom is most noticeable when applying the brakes. The caliper not moving freely theory is another idea worth a look-see. You’ll probably need to take your Legacy to another shop, preferably a local independent shop that specializes in Subaru or at least Asian vehicles. Or a dealership. This isn’t the sort of problem I’d want a chain store working on.

I believe they said the rotor run out was .8mm or so. I’m saving up for a brake job. Thanks for all the advice thus far, BTW!