Wrong tool for the job

Undersized cranes (plus a little bad technique) lead to oversized pains:

Update: Last two frames are photoshopped, but still funny enough.

Sad, but hysterical nonetheless.

And why you should mistrust any photo you see on the Net. The first crane accident did happen, but the other two crane accidents are Photoshopped.

I have actually seen video of this happening on one of those reality clip shows. The pictures above may well be photoshopped, as they look different than the incident I saw, but I did see a video of this happening where a car is being lifted out of the water only to have the crane lifting it fall in.

They forgot to drain the radiator(s) for extraneous weight.

Definitely photo-shopped. The only difference between the second crane and the third is the color of the boom. Everything else in the pics is the same…Funny though.

There is a lesson to be learned here: “Never send a boy on a man’s job”. The only sin worse than using a small crane when a larger crane was called for is to use a small trump card and being over trumped when playing euchre when you had a larger trump card available and losing the trick.

I can see you’ve been playing with my BIL. I’ll swear he can memorize every card that’s been played, who played it, and in what order.

Photoshopped or not, that’s pretty funny and is the laugh of the day for me. :slight_smile: