Mechanic stories, not too bad

I can honestly say that not one of those stories surprises me in the least.


A good 3/4ths of them could be avoided by simply reading the owners manual…


WAIT! WAIT, you mean to tell me your not suppose to put all the different chemicals in that one little door in the back, side of the car? LOL

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Many years ago my mother and sister returned from a trip with an oddly crumpled fender. They said they had a flat and put the jack (old style) under the fender and started to jack the car up. Of course the fender crumpled. A passer by stopped to help them. I asked how did they plan to get the tire off with the jack in the way? They had not thought it out that far. Their adventures and rusty cars gave me a lot of experience with bondo.

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Many years ago, a co-worker who owned a '61 Impala was convinced that the proper way to jack-up his car was to place the jack under the extreme forward end of his wrap-around rear bumper. Before I could correct his misperception, he had badly deformed the rear bumper, and–guess what?–the rear end of his car had barely risen. The net effect of his actions was nothing more than a badly deformed rear bumper.

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That first story actually happened to me.

I left for a dental appointment, told my coworkers I was going for a checkup and should be back in an hour. The dentist said my right upper wisdom tooth was what was causing my pain. I told him to pull it out right then. Went back to work (I was the boss) sore and spitting blood. Lasted about half an hour before my guys sent me home.

15 years later another wisdom tooth had to come out. Took a whole day off for that one, but really didn’t need to.

I had a wisdom tooth removed under anesthesia and then rode a motorcycle 17 miles to work. Yes, I survived that but some fool in a Nissan truck almost did me in when he took an interstate exit from the inside lane.

In those mechanic stories the one that appalled me was the upper ball joint separation when the car was raised and the owner refused to fix it while insisting it be plugged back in so they could go.
Not without some pictures and a well worded disclaimer along with a call to the cops would be what I would have demanded. Kill yourself but don’t take out others.

“She keeped on driving”? Sorry Timothy but you can do better than that. No doubt customers can be a little ignorant but it appears so can writers. I get hooked into those click bait sites once in a while too and find the same kind of errors.

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I had 4 wisdom teeth removed, week off of work, next am gf and I heading th FL to visit her mother. My sis a week in bed and swollen up like crazy! Same dentist, she got put under, I got laughing gas, stomp your heal when you have had enogh, pushed it to the limit, just barely able to lift my heel, he said ok, got it!

I’ve seen people refuse repairs that are life threatening so I’m shocked by nothing.

About 15 years ago I did some work on a Fox body Mustang 5.0. I noticed the fuel line was dry rotted and figured I would bring that up when the owner came by later. He was dismissive of my replacement suggestion and insisted on taking the car. Hold on just a second…

I went and got my fire extinguisher and stood there with hood up.
He thought I was being ridiculous and started the engine. After idling for a few minutes the line popped, gas sprayed all over, and flames took over. Since I was prepared no damage was done. Now the smile is gone and he’s not so dismissive…