Wrong oil for 2015 Ford E150

I recently had my van to jiffy lube. 2015 ford transit v6 engine. they put 0 weight oil in. Drove for 2k miles. Did not know issue till I heard engine knocking. Checked oil and was black. Jiffy lub changed it and it within 2 days black again and running terrible. Said it was number 6 spark plug, changed all plugs. still running bad now they said convertor clogged. Do you think it was oil issue? or was it something else. Only 50k on van?

If the engine is a-knockin’ soon you’ll be a walkin’ Your first mistake was assuming Jiffy Boob could actually change your oil and not screw it up. We have dozens of posts here that prove otherwise. And YES, it most likely was an oil issue. An engine teardown would prove it.

There really IS a zero weight motor oil (used in some drag race cars) but I doubt Jiffy Boob would have it. What did they actually put in? 0w20? How did you find out? How did you get them to recognize they screwed up and put the correct oil in? And is it in writing??

None the less, if they put oil that was too thin in your van, that has likely destroyed your engine. Ignore the #6 spark plug and clogged convertor BS because Jiffy Boob likely owes you a new engine. Good Luck getting them to pay for it. Hire a lawyer that specializes in these things.


The powertrain warranty is 5 years/60,000 miles, perhaps you could get a professional diagnoses at your Ford dealer.

Don’t offer them the information that the engine oil may be the wrong weight.

The 3.7 v6 uses 5-30. They may have put in 0-20? Which won’t kill the motor.

If they put 0-20 rather than 5-30, I doubt that would be the only cause of the symptoms. Something else going on too. The 0-20 might contribute to the problem though, esp if the 2,000 miles your drove were hard miles, or high speed miles, or if the ambient temperature was quite hot. You may get lucky and once the cat is replaced, and the correct oil installed, that could very well solve the other issues. Enough of the too-thin oil may have got past the oil control rings and into the cat.

I have used 5W20 in my 1998 Dodge Ram and I pull a camper in 100 plus degree weather, it is the same oil that goes in Ram trucks with the Hemi engine and those have double the towing capacity compared to my truck.

Driving with a misfire damaged the catalytic converter.

The tech put in the wrong weight oil, oil that was too thin. Then the engine started knocking. That’s all you need to know. If it was knocking you now have engine bearing damage.