Wretched Excess IMO

I have a Yeti Cooler. Great for camping. For a 4 day weekend in 90+ degree weather I fill the yeti with Ice and bottles of water. I never have to add ice again for the duration of the camping trip. By the 5th day I may need add some. But by then we’re out of water anyways. With my old Coleman cooler I would be adding ice every morning.

very true - my nissan dealer would have the new sales person hand out donuts to those waiting at service.

In a somewhat large shop with certain areas somewhat designated for specific work I could never see the need for a big box. Instead I had a roll around cabinet with AC tools and equipment, another with brake specific tools, another with tools for bench work and the press. There were 2 well equipped 3piece standard width cabinets to roll to a vehicle while working on it. I marked tools with spray paint to match a stripe down the side of each box to reduce confusion. I can’t imagine how many sets of channel lock pliers I had from 4 inch to 24 inches. Looking for the tool you need can be more expensive than buying several and designating a place for them.


My grandfather would mark all his toos with an X in red nailpolish.

That seems like a whole lot for a uhaul. 34 tons ??? I thought about a 1/3 of that for a 2 axle vehicle.


Yeah, I was way overweight for the vehicle. My wife had a LOT of books, they weigh a ton (several in this case). That’s the reason I got rear-ended. I pulled out of a rest stop at about 2am and a mile down the freeway, I was only up to about 25mph. The driver of the 18 wheeler was sort of semi-conscious from lack of sleep.