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$62,000 Snapon Tool Box

At least he knows where all his tools are!


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I wonder if those are welding helmets strung along the top, or for motorcycling? If they are all for welding, he must be one heck of a welder.

Their all so clean, does he ever use them?

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Were I to possess a tool box of that vigor, my first problem would be to remember which box holds which tool.

How the heck does he get into the upper drawers?

I think that is a step ladder between the tool box and the Snap On cabinet next to it.

Looks like those are standard full-face motorcycle (or racing) helmets.

The upper sections are cabinets with front covers that swing out from the bottom and are held up by pneumatic struts.

Ah, I see it now. The top drawers must contain only the most rarely used tools.

Hey, I admire the guy’s ability to lay out that much cash on a tool chest… although I think “tool chest” might be inadequate to describe this behemoth.

It’d be fun to talk to the owner about the system. I wish he’d join us. I have only respect for him, but sure would like to know what he was thinking!

Everybody sing with me: “If I had a million dollars…”


Not dissing that great tool chest at all, but doesn’t $62K seem overly expensive for just the chest itself? I mean, without any tools?

Only for guys like you and me. For rich folks, it’s not so bad.

That’s the tool box ALONE!


The size and organization of the garage, combined with the helmet collection and the trophies, suggest that this is no amateur. I tried to enlarge and identify the trophies, but was unsuccessful. They appear to be drivers’ trophies.

Can anyone identify them?

To each his own but I could never have dealt with a box even half that size. By the time I retired I had accumulated 5 3 piece boxes plus 2 bases. One was filled with all the run of the mill mechanical tools. The others had tools made for specific jobs plus all the standard wrenches needed for specific work. Axles, suspension and steering- heating and AC- electrical-ignition and tuneup- welding, cutting, etc, But at any one time it was likely that several cars with various issues were in the process of being diagnosed and repaired and the time spent dragging a huge box around the shop was a problem. In a dealership with 2 adjacent lanes to work in a “Pullman Car” could be good and the owner seems to be $ucce$$ful. My tools and boxes were worth about $55,000 20 years ago and if the public were aware of the investment they might not be so quick to question the flat rate.

I would enjoy seeing the mechanic roll that Pulman Car across the shop.

For us po-folk:

The overhead cabinets don’t have drawers:

Picture 2

He’s probably thinking he has a nice place to keep all his tools and equipment.

My toolbox is similar to the left “section” of his, the part with the open hutch, mine is without the side locker. Large lower box, stainless steel worktop with a hutch and cabinets on top that I need a stool to get into.

15+ years ago I worked at a shop that was very well maintained, and the owner was a Snap On freak. Everything that could be Snap On was Snap On. The tools, equipment, floor jack, lighting, the shop vac, if it wasn’t Snap On it wasn’t worth having. Once a year the shop trash cans were sent over to the body shop to be color-matched Snap On red.

I had 2 toolboxes, both Snap On, and they were full. I was talking to the Snap On dealer about trading for a used box he had on the truck. My boss got wind of that and came to me with the Snap On catalog, and pointed to the newest, biggest setup they had, displayed on the front cover. And he told me that if I wanted to trade in my boxes and buy that, he would pay for half. Well DUH! That setup was over $12,000 back then. With what I got for trade and what the boss paid, it cost me $3500. Still have it today, though I’ve had to buy 2 smaller boxes since then to hold everything.

I can see a professional racing shop using that as the trophies indicate. I can also see something like that in an aircraft assembly plant like Boeing, or on an aircraft carrier. I’m sure either organization could easily pay for several, and also have plenty of money left over for a tug to pull them.

You can read about him here

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He has a 1964 Cadillac and rides an NHRA Top Fuel Nitro bike? I like this guy!

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