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What kind of tools do you have at home?

As a mechanic, 90% of the tools I have at work are Snap On, Matco, Mac, etc. But at home I have a hodge podge of stuff I’ve picked up over the years.

Puttering around the yard and house today I’ve used an Austrian Best crescent wrench, an Australian Sidchrome end wrench, a JC Penney box end, and an SK phillips.

At home, I have a bunch of Craftsman tools, as well as some S-K wrenches

I also have a bunch of Snap-On and OTC tools that mainly stay in the garage, but I bring them to work a few times a year, for very specific tasks

Some of the socket sets, I can’t even identify the brand, much less remember where I actually bought them

After some 50 plus years of tinkering with cars and household equipment. I have numerous tools in my basement and garage.

  1. Complete set of wrenches in metric and English. Open end, box end deep and regular socket

  2. Compression set, spark plug wrenches and gap gages

3.Adjustable wrenches, vice grips and pipe wrenches.

  1. Hacksaws, files, polishers and grinders.

  2. Plumbing tools

  3. Electrical testing equipment, battery tester and chargers, and portable jump start set.

7 Hydraulic jack and axle stands

I have soldering equipment, but no electric welder

Tool origins are USA, Sweden, Germany, England, Canada, Japan and China.

I have a variety of craftsman and whatever tools, My favorite AA screwdriver with an assortment set with drill bits, sockets etc. 1 tool one little box, spare batteries in boat and car, sure not professional level stuff, but never seem to have luck with rechargeable batteries, New ones have a short shaft, older ones have a longer receiver that you can use a combo phillips and standard adapter.

Work boxes are mostly Snap On, MAC, Craftsman, and Cornwell with a fair amount of specialty tools such as Hazet and some SAAB/Subaru only special tools which I bought for myself rather than waste time while someone else had them tied up.

At home it’s Craftsman, Husky, SK, and a dozen obscure brands which were picked up at the aircraft salvage. Whatever the cat drug in basically. Even have one large drawer full of Whitworth tools.

I still have sockets from Montgomery Wards purchased around 1955 by my father. Some Craftman from the 70s. I only do light duty stuff now, so have a Dewalt set.

My first tools were Crescent and S-K. A lot of the rest are Craftsman because of the warranty and there always were good sales on them coming into fathers day and holidays. There is a hodge-podge of specialty tools I’ve bought or made. Some Pittsburg, some no-name. MIG welder, gas bottles and welder, compressor, drill press. A bunch of wood working tools. And boxes of cement working tools, drywall finishing tools. And painting stuff.

I’ve collected more than a few boxes to hold them… A couple of big Craftsman boxes, a wooden one with 3 drawers on casters I made decades ago and a small roll-around with wood-working tools in it. Really, way too much for a 2 car garage but collected when I had a basement and tools in both locations. And now a low Craftsman stationary cabinet as mount for a 3-in1 Smithy lathe on top and tools inside.

Too many different b rand’s to count as I am not a pro. but DYRer. I started off year’s ago with a Craftsman starter set and added what I needed when I needed it and could afford over the year’s some picked up flea market’s and yard sale’s some on father’s day and Christmas sale’s also a pretty good mixmatch of wood working tool’s.

My best tools are set of Mustang sockets from my Dad, circa mid 1950’s to early 60’s. Also have a Williams and Craftsman extension (from when Craftsman was still quality) The rest is a mix of Craftsman, HF and other random sources. The no name sockets are OK for light house work or fixing kids toys but can’t take serious stress. I use the Mustang for car work. I hope everyone is safe and healthy.

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Craftsman and Stanley hand tools, before SBD bought Craftsman. The power tools are Black and Decker and Ryobi. I almost returned the 1/4” Craftsman ratchet, but after lubricating it several times, I finally got the mechanism working again. I have a bunch of tools from my father in law, but I’m not sure of the brands.

I buy cheap junk, replace it when I break it, which is rarely. This way, I can lend a tool and not feel too bad when it doesn’t return. I wouldn’t fly to the moon.

Over the years, I’m not sure where the stuff came from. In the car I have sockets from Lowes. Also wrenches from HF-I actually like them. In the garage I’m sure a lot of them came from Ace or the farm store but I’ve got at least 2 or three of each size wrench and sockets the same from somewhere. Screwdrivers are Ace though and have to buy a new set every few years since they disappear. Now as far as shop equipment, I have for both wood and metal working. I bought a used Craftsman table saw for $75 25 years ago and suits me just fine. A $400 DeWalt planer, Miter saw, drill press, etc. A Milwaukee metal chop saw, Lincoln stick welder and Hobart wire welder. A HF press that I actually used a couple times. Two routers, six drills at least, sanders, air compressor, geez not to mention the yard equipment. No wonder I’ve got no room.

More Craftsman than anything else although my first set was a 3/8 drive shallow and deep sae Husky set. My big 1’2 in breaker bar used to be a Craftsman but it’s replacement was a Popular mechanics brand briefly sold at Walmart that I got on closeout for $5. it has taken everything I have thrown at it including 3 and 4 1/2 foot pipes as cheater bars without complaint. My favorites are the tools I have found in the road while driving truck, JH Willians 4" and 15" adjustable wrenches found at different times, a 1/2 Snap On. a 5/8 Proto socket. and a 1/2 S_K ratchet. I have about 50 screwdrivers plus 3 sets on miniature screwdrivers. All sorts of torx star , hex, Robertson and Phillips bits. When by big air compressor died last year I just gor a small pancake one because I seldom used the large one for anything but tires in the 20 years since I got an electric impact gun.
I inherited cheao tools from my father in laws sockets and end wrenches that I keep by my basement workbench while the car tools are mostly in the garage. His tools were Dunlap(Sears), sears, and Montgomery Ward, plus I have the usual plumbing, electrical, carpentry, masonry, painting,and gardening tools.

I won’t buy Craftsman anymoreand If I need replacement tools, I prefer to get old American made ones at Car Show flea markets.

I do have one question, has anyone ever found any use for 7,9 or 11 mm sockets or wrenches

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7mm is for Ford ignition coils and GM, Ford under dash and interior fasteners. 11mm is for Ford ecm brackets and is also equivalent to 7/16 for when you work on SAE stuff. 9mm is an occasional oddball but I do see it from time to time.

I’m sure there are others for 7 and 11 that I’m not remembering right now.

Remember having to grab an 11/32 or 17/32 socket to use for 14mm I think, always loose the one you need!

I find occasional use for 12, 14, 16, and18mm sockets but have never used the 7, 9 and 11. But then I have never owned a Ford and only 2 GM, which was two too many.

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I think that wrench is mine. I’ve been looking for it for about 15 years. Last I remember it was on my bumper after working on my hitch, then it disappeared. You didn’t find an electric lawn edger on the road by any chance? Brand new in the box.

I would think 9/16 corresponds more closely to 14mm than 11/32 or 17/32

9/16 did not feel snug, must have been 17/32

The 4 " I spotted on the Peace bridge, the 15" was somewhere between Napoleon and Defiance Ohio. No lawn edger,