Would knowing the way to San Jose do you any good?

LA is a great big freeway, put a hundred down and buy a car
in a week or 2 they'll make you a star!
Weeks turn into years - how quick they pass -
and all the stars that never were are parking cars and pumping gas
Is that guy going to be able to afford to live in San Jose these days?

Probably not, but rent a wreck catered to those who needed cheap short term wheels, Such as Robin Williams. A lot full of beaters you could park by sonar without worry.

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Not being in a member’s Social Studies class, I knew there were two San Jose’s. I always thought it was the other one.

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Actually, there are quite a few places in The US named San Jose, and there are literally a few hundred around the world, but the only one that I have visited is the one in CA. When you’re there, be sure to take a tour of the old Winchester Mansion. Truly fascinating!

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No one can afford to live in San Jose. All the people you see in the cars jammed on the freeway are from Modesto. It’s the latest Tic-Tok meme - drive to San Jose, jam the freeways and make people think someone can afford to live there.

The traffic in San Francisco is fake news. It’s done with mirrors. I know.

It must be possible to afford to live in San Jose by the number of people who live here. It’s hard to migrate from other areas and maintain the same family cash flow I expect, unless your new employer makes up the difference. That’s how its done I guess, first accepting there’s going to be less money available for discretionary spending, and requiring the employer pay more $$$.

Certain expenses are less in San Jose, not everything is more expensive. Fresh fruit and vegetables are considerably less expensive compared to when I lived in Colorado, grocery store food has zero sales tax. Both make for quite a big savings. And there’s a lot of free stuff available folks can do for family activities.