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Would a minor electrical fire inside car cause interior to be toxic?

Recently had a small electrical fire in the window control of the driver door which was repaired but the smell of smoke lingers in the car after extensive cleaning, airing-out and professional auto detailing. Smell is faint but whenever I drive it my throat burns and makes me cough. Would the interior be toxic now? are there health issues and can this be reversed?

Thanks in advance for any advice

If it’s strong enough that your throat burns…then this make take a while to clear out.

Yes there are health issues…but probably for only long term. If you continue to drive like this…keep a window rolled down.

Thanks Mike!

The PVC insulation on the wiring is very toxic when burned. All of the wiring involved in this circuit needs to be replaced, not just the burned section. I think the repair has not been finished.

I tried to edit my post and it ended up being duplicated… so I’m removing the older one…

I doubt there is much lingering other than the smell at this point. Anyone that has ever burned food in their oven can attest that the stench can linger for a very long time.

But harsh smells can be an irritant and even cause asthma attacks in sensitive people. Maybe the best bet would be to have the car professionally cleaned. Perhaps a phone call to one of those companies that does fire/water/mold damage restoration would yield some suggestions, or worst case they may be able to make the smell go away.