Worried about weight on my running boards

So I just got a “new” pickup and its got a good bit of rust on the bottom where the running boards mount. I also noticed one of the bolts on the passenger side is missing (should be two bolts on each bracket). Im going to be taking a trip to my hometown and I know my mom will want me to take her for a ride in it… But she’s morbidly obese, 300+ pounds, and I’m a little worried it might give out when she steps on it. Theres a 100% chance shes going to stand on it with both feet and her entire weight. I know, kind of a jerk question, but google says they hold 300-500 pounds and I know thats probably not adjusted for a missing bolt and a rusty mounting area. She would be upset if it gave out on her too so I’m not just purely concerned about my new truck, lol…

Thoughts? Should I be nervous?

Have two people who weigh 250 lbs or less stand on the running board.

If it fails, there’s your answer.



I’d politely deflect any requests she makes to get into the truck

Yes, I perceive you being in grave danger if you tell her why you won’t give her a ride. Replace the bolt.

What if the metal it attaches to has the consistency of swiss cheese?

I’d be tempted to not step on the running board under any circumstances

I’ve known people to “miss a step” when entering and exiting taller vehicles . . . and when they fell, their knees took a beating. Sometimes resulted in permanent damage

Don’t even get into a dangerous situation

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Probably not as dangerous as telling his mother she it too fat to ide in his truck.


Truck bed? Put a chair in back. Redneck style.

I’d take off the boards and help her in and out.


Then carry a portable step that you can put in the back.


If I could even get the rusty bolts off, the area it mounts to would probably fall apart from messing with it that much. And they’re good running boards just… Not for someone her size

I guess I’ll just get my bigger friend to help me test it and if we break it at least my mom wont have another excuse to go eat her feelings. I’m 120 pounds soaking wet and I would need both my roommates to help test it for 300+. I can’t tell my mom she’s not allowed to ride because I traded my college car (which she purchased and insured for years) as part of the downpayment. I guess I can just lie and say the running board is wobbly and to be careful? That might encourage her to put more weight on the handle instead

Tell her it’s not secure and even you don’t want to stand on it. Have that step stool ready for her. She would probably need it even if the running board was secure.

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Now I REALLY want to take off those boards!

Some running boards are somewhat solidly mounted. Some are mounted with sheet metal screws into sheet metal and are more for appearance than holding up any load at all. I know; I’ve installed a number of them and with some of them I would not even trust the weight of a child on. They’re for appearance sake more than anything else.

Step stool, pile of concrete blocks, whatever; best avoid the running boards and forget putting weight on the running boards or door handles. If she falls and hits the ground both of you may be in trouble.

Forget about who weighs what and just remove the Running Boards . They are not going to get any stronger so they might fail with anyone anytime soon.

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So I just got back from visiting. First I stopped and saw my cousin and the two of us stood on the board and jumped. It held up fine. So I went and saw my mom and like I knew she would, she stood on the board with both feet and it held up! So the board can hold 300+ long enough to get in and out as of right now. And I say 300+ because 300 is the underexaggerated number she put on her license years ago. She made a comment that when I pay it off I should go to a body shop so maybe she felt like the board was sketchy lmao. Or maybe shes just concerned about the rust spreading. Point is - it passed the mom test


Oh, I am one to call a spade a spade, and have lived to regret it many times in the past.

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Glad it passed the [[ MOM ]] test but you might want to get them re enforced in the near future as rust never sleep’s. It only get’s worse.

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for now
See the comment below


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Seriously! You have to ask such a question?

Yes. I did have to