Worn suspension

Driveway approach at townhouse forces me to go over curb perpendicular to road. Not like a usual driveway where u might go in at angle. Like 30 or 45 degree. But head on. Hitting low curb really makes a thud I can feel in suspension in my grand prix. In my slightly older caddy, it’s whisper quiet. So, what are usual suspects for worn parts? I gotta think it is lower a-arms. bushings look good though. Ball joints? The thud I speak of is really apparent. On the road, car drives fine.quiet actually.

Probably worn struts. If u hit curb edge at 5mph, strut is certainly not going to travel far. Or bottom out. But it is a shock absorber. And I am feeling a shock.

Um…a Grand Prix is designed to transmit road feel, whereas a Caddy is designed NOT to. It sounds like both design teams did their job.

In short, it’s folly to assume that the difference you feel is due to wear. By all means, have the chassis both gone over, but my suggestion would be to creep over the lip in the Grand Prix and when you go over it in the Caddy just appreciate the Caddy’s refinement. You cannot and will not ever get them to transmit bumps the same.

The Gran Prix doesn’t have the same ground clearance as the Caddy. Have you checked the crossmember for evidence of hitting the curb?

Get some asphalt and make two little ramps between the curb and gutter,that should smooth out the clunks(try not to block the water drainage path though)-Kevin(is your stabilizer clunking)

its a concrete street curb. 1-2" high. just what the city designed. not like i am trying to jump a 6" curb here. its in front of the driveway. but my gp sure thinks its a 6" curb. the whole front of the car goes THUD when i drive over it. caddy has mac struts. lower A arms. rubber bushings. subframe attached to body with big old rubber bushings. heck, its almost 98% the same design.