Worn seat leather

My yard has bucket seats for $20 on sale. I found a very nice driver seat which as you know wears the most due to constant use. So, if I see a good replacement seat I probably should buy it? The seat looks really really nice. Mine looks like hell. Black leather and white liner is obvious

Is it out of the same make and model as yours??? If it fits I don’t see why not…

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It took me a while to understand that you were not really having a yard sale, why would someone buy car seats from their own yard? If $20 is a lot of money, ask your wife for permission.

  1. Find compatible seats.
  2. Find a seat with no rips.
  3. Buy seat.
    And yes, it’s wife’s car. She dislikes it.
    She wants a sedan. I’m working on it.
    Sold 2 of my 4 cars in last month.
    Her suv is next. Takes time to turnover fleet

Yes, especially if the car is going for sale soon. Buyers care what the cars look like, not so much how well they run. A nice condition seat vs the one you showed will return its investment ten-fold.


As a follow on, buyers will assume the best about how well you take care of the car by the visual condition of the interior and exterior. I sold a car by detailing it and repainting a scratch on the exterior. The paint touch up was obvious. The guy that bought the car complimented my attention to detail and said that sealed the deal for him.

Rig in yard has 2 nice seats. Get a pair for $40? I took out seat cushion and wire harness is different on pass side vs driver side. The wires go thru cushion bottom for seat heaters. And I assume, the pass side sensor for airbags. So, I don’t think swapping butt cushions will fly. The stitching is white on edges and my seat is all black. I really don’t want to swap 2 seats.
I was looking for wheels yesterday and didn’t have socket set to unbolt seat tracks.

They’ll match better if you switch both. That could hide the difference between the front and back seats if the two front seats appear alike. That could be useful if you sell it soon.

I was wrong. Seats are $30. And 1/2 price this week. So, $15. But, seat tracks are $10. Maybe it’s 30 for seat and 10 for track for 40 total? I can ask. The seat cushion unbolts from frame easily. But, the lower frame is attached to seat back. I did swap cushions on a 2005. The suv I’m working on is an 07 and the donor suv is an 08. Same model. Maybe it won’t work. I need to inspect 08 wire harness. Both have heated seats.

That has to be about the cheapest AND strangest price sheet I have ever seen… Is that USD???

The breakdown for interior parts seems a bit convoluted. Yes it’s US. Pull-r -parts yard in mpls.
i need a butt cushion. my seatback is ok. the lower cushion can be removed from frame with 4 bolts. i might just get the lower cushion as the seatback bolster is fine on my car. Maybe I’ll get 2 lower cushions?
A big issue is, what do I do with old bucket seat if I get new one? Or 2?
My pass seat is mint. Only reason I’d get it would be to have matching seats.

See if the yard will take them. Maybe they might give you a few bucks for them. Even if they won’t pay for them you at least don’t have them sitting around your place.

That makes more since, you are talking about a Junk/Salvage Yard not a Neighborhood Yard sale…

With sales tax the amount is near whole dollars.

Depending what your sales tax is, ours is now 9.75% raised from 9.25% over previous years…

The OP would be charged 7.525% in Minneapolis.

He would be charged 6.625% in the “high tax” State of NJ.