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World vehicle population tops 1 billion

Not sure if that’s 1B produced, or 1B registered/licensed for road use, but over all, that’s 1 car for ever 6 people on the planet.

Also makes you wonder what that #1B car was…

I think my neighbor has half of them parked in his driveway.

I have a neighbor who has the other half parked in his back yard…

Car production worldwide is about 50 million per year and rising fast! The one billion population no doubt includes trucks, since in developing countries small pickup trucks double as family transportation.

I just finished reading a book “Two Bilion Cars” (Oxford University Press, 2009) which goes through the analysis of what we have to do to design and fuels to make that possible. The authors are Daniel Sperling and Deborah Gordon, with a foreword by Arnold Schwartzenegger. No mention of how to handle domestic maids!

small pickups double as family haulers here in the US as well, not just developing countries.

“No mention of how to handle domestic maids!”

Keep them occupied with a small car.