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Oil change interval for Porsche Boxster

My dealer says I only need to change the oil on my 2006 Porsche Boxster every 10,000 miles. What do you think about this? I change the oil on my other cars every 5000 miles. Thanks for your help.

What does the manual say? One reason it could last 10k is that (I think) it uses quite a bit of oil at each change. More oil in the crankcase would allow somewhat longer change intervals.

edit - 9 quarts says the internet, about double many cars.

If it were mine and I wanted to keep it for a long time, I’d change the oil more often (unless these were all highway miles - then 10,000 might be ok.)

Synthetic oil? How many miles per year do you drive it?

Hi Kathy,

I own a '98 Boxster.
I always change my oil at 5k miles, even though the manual says I should change it at 10k or 12k, depending on the date of the manual for my car. I now have 95k miles on mine, now. Runs really well.

Is your Boxster under either its original Porsche warranty, or a Porsche CPO (Certified Pre-Owned) warranty? If yes, then follow the instructions for the warranty, or talk to your actual service manager.

I personally, would recommend that you change the oil somewhere between 5k and 7500 miles, and just enjoy the car. You have a great car. Enjoy it to the fullest.


About 10,000 miles a year.

Yes, it’s still under the warranty. Thanks for the advice.

The manual doesn’t give a mileage interval for an oil change. The maintenance manual says you should schedule maintenance every 10,000 miles. Thanks for your reply.