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Work around to close middle of dash air vents?

I am wondering if there’s a work around for completely closing the air vents that are located on the dash and when the AC is on blows cold air on driver and passenger. Yes, you can move the louvres up, down, a little side to side but there is no complete shut down. This is true of my old Camry and this newer one. When two of us are riding in the front we have an aiming duel! Even if the passenger does not SYNC their temperature and turns the temp up, it still has somewhat cold air aiming at your upper arm, etc. First, why doesn’t this louvre close all the way? Is there a functioning reason? Is there a way to deal with this without it being an ugly solution? Also this is a lease so…can’t glue things to it, etc. Any ideas?

Cut pieces of foam rubber and stuff them in between the louvers.

Geeze! So simple! And here I am so crafty and all and I over-thought this. Thanks!

No way to adjust fan/temp/air direction to solve this?

You can adjust all the other vents and close some completely down, but not the middle setup in the dash that faces you. The louvres go up and down and side to side is all and almost close down but not really. I could select to move the air to feet only but we’d like to have the top side vents running A/C. It’s a weird thing, to me, but like I said my other old Camry is similar, and the A/C is not as powerful in the old one, plus I usually drive that alone so I just move the vents facing the “passenger.”
‘shanonia’ had a great solution for me, to just stuff some foam strips in there in between the vents. I’ll try that. I also will get black foam so it doesn’t show!

I set the center vents so they blow in the middle of the vehicle towards the back seat, I don’t sit in the middle so the air doesn’t blow on me.

You’d think that would work…but this Camry blows cold even close to the low mark…so I know this sounds picky but it blows on your arms if you have it centered. I can’t complain about the GREAT A/C though. I remember the sales agent commenting on that…even though we don’t use it that much…living in Seattle, but we do THIS summer. You’ve probably seen us on the national news with the fires and the LOUSY air quality. So gotta use the A/C! Thanks for your suggestion, we try everything!

The center vents on a Camry are located high in the dash, if you direct the air between the head rests toward the back seat it shouldn’t blow on your arm.

Turn the temp warmer?

Or pop the deflector assembly out and put one solid chunk in the vent tube behind it and put it back in…

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Since I know nothing about venting and how AC works is there a problem with blocking that vent off in a car?

Probably not but I would think that over time there could be a mold problem . I would not do it myself especially on a leased vehicle .