Wooshy Noise coming from front engine compartment of a 2006 Toyota Rav4 4X4 4 Cylinder

Rumbly wooshy noise (her description, I am currently in another State) coming from my wife’s vehicle in the front of the engine compartment. Closer to the passenger side near the water pump. Noise has been present for the last six months, but would always go away after it was warmed up. During winter (In Tucson AZ so never gets too cold), it is worse due to the cold weather. Previously only happened at low RPMs and ended to be worse when turning a corner.
Today it occurred also after operation for a quite beyond starting of the vehicle, and is starting to sound like the failure of bearings. Also a burning smell was occurring.
Just replaced both the water pump and the alternator, and the front struts. The water pump is not leaking but the old pumps leaks are still evident. The current mechanic trying to troubleshoot is stumped. Motor mounts are getting close to failure, but still appear to not be a problem. CV joints are fine. Any ideas out there on what to look at?

Burp the engine? There may be air trapped in the coolant system.

Would an indicator of this be a higher temp for the engine though? This is not occurring, but will look into it. Thanks.

You might not have heat and sometimes it causes the engine to overheat. It depends on the amount of air in the system. I think it could be your power steering pump. They tend to act up when cold and of course you would hear them when making a turn.