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Wont run

i have a 1994 mitsubishi diamante 3.0 sohc hard to start and idles real rough. it has new plugs,wires,cap,rotor button,fuel filter,and air filter.fuel pressure is between 45 and 50psi which is good i have good compression on all cylinders timming belt is good and i am getting spark to all plugs. with the car running i pull the plug wires off and cylinders 1 3 5 makes a difference but 2 4 6 their is no change.the car was setting for two dose have new gas.the check engine light is not on and has no codes.

I assume 1/3/5 is one bank & 2/4/6 another. If you’re certain that cyls 2/4/6/ all have good & reliable spark then I’d be looking at that side of the fuel rail - perhaps first just checking wiring/power supply.

it has power to the injectors and i put a screwdriver on all of them and i could hear them clicking.