Won't let me answer car talk puzzler


I removed his name. He used the reply-by-email feature, which must have included the signature.


I remember that as part of what I esperienced. I could not even use the names of some of the US presidents.
------ Larry Robinson Bloomington IN midimagic@sbcglobal.net


The signature is provided by my employer.


I don’t know how to do that, because it is just the error message. I will try to get one if it happens again next monday.


If you’re on a Windows PC, press the “prtscrn” key (just to the left of the number pad), then open Paint and hit control-V, save the image, and attach.

If you’re on a mac, press command-shift-4, draw a box around what you want to take a picture of, and it will appear on your desktop to be attached.


I know how to do that. I don’t know how to get everything on the screen at the same time. When I get the error message, the message I sent is gone.


This makes me think the employer programing is what is causing your problems. Where I worked personal use was not allowed, just company related emails.


I gave up on Firefox on my old XP laptop and only use Chrome.


Does your employer know you are doing this on work time with work equipment?


I’m sure Troubleshooter isn’t the only person on this forum who uses it from work. :wink:


As Sgt. Schultz would say “I know nothing, nothing”.


It was only the old Car Talk site that didn’t like the US presidents. It put bleep characters on parts of the presidents names.

I didn’t even have the same job when the old Car Talk software was censoring presidents.


Chrome no longer works in XP at all. Firefox guaranteed that the old version I have will continue to work.

The real problem is Microsoft changing everything every few years. If they would LEAVE THINGS ALONE, then everything would still work.

I am using my own equipment. But it must have the work software installed if I want to work from home. Thus, everything I do is touched by the work software. But I am told the work software does not have a censor (although I know that Yahoo does have it).

I am beginning to think there was a computer problem that occurred when I sent the puzzler answer. There was a power sag a few minutes before, and I had to reboot the computer about half an hour later.


I can neither confirm nor deny this…but given I’m only usually active the days I’m scheduled to work :wink:


Small correction: The new version of Chrome doesn’t work in XP, however if Chrome’s website detects you’re running XP/Vista, it will send you an old version that does.