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Won't go Backwards

My 1982 Ford Granada with only 110,000 miles, won’t go into reverse. I can put the lever in the “R” position, rev the engine, but the car won’t go backwards. It’s like revving it in neutral. It will go forward in “D”. Before I call my transmission guy, is this a serious, costly problem?

Don’t know. Can’t tell from here.
Hopefully it’ll just be a linkage issue, relatively inexpensive.

Have your transmission guy drop the valve body out of the transmission, and see if an O-ring on the spool valve for reverse has failed.


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You didn’t say anything about fluid level. Is fluid full? Is it red and not burned?

I checked it recently. It looked okay.

With that age vehicle, the seals in the transmission could be hardened enough to be causing it. If so, it can be expensive. Hopefully it’s one of the more simple suggestions mentioned above.