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Wonders all over the lane

i have a 94 grand marquis that has 96k miles, it is a 2 owner car, the first was an older couple maintained to the max. i just put 4 new tires on it and it ride great except for the wonder all over the lane. it seems like you have to keep correcting the steering. it reminds me of a boat how your going slow and it travels to the left then right without touching the wheel. i looked underneath and dont see anything broke or loose. help, i need some ideas what you guys thinl. thank you, charlie

You need to take your car to a front end specialist and tell him your story. Let him check for wheel alignment, ball joints, worn bushings, shocks, and all that other stuff that makes a car run true. Your problem can be caused by any of these items. A good specialist should be able to figure it out right away.

There are lots of replaceable parts on the front end that can wear out. All may be worn out at this point. They will tell you the same thing at But I mention the web site because it is useful to people that want to keep you kind of car going when they are old.

Other than worn suspension parts as mentioned it could also be an alignment problem. Camber or toe in/out being off could cause this.
A good alignment tech should inspect ball joints, tie rods, etc. before aligning the car.

My opinion is that a car should go on the alignment rack now and then just to keep tabs on things. Potholes and railroad tracks can tweak things a bit.