Wondering if 2004 Jeep Liberty is totaled

Recently, I hydroplaned turning onto a wet road in my town. I fishtailed and spun a couple times. Fortunately, I only hit one person. The right side over my back tire and his front left tire collided. I then jumped a curb and landed head first into a ditch, where a fence stopped me from colliding with trees. Aside from the obvious body damage (though it only seemed to be the dent over the right back tire and some minor front bumper damage and scratches from the chain link fence), I am wondering if the unibody will be beyond repair. I understand that Jeep Liberty’s between the years '02-'07 were made with a unibody structure, rather than a body on frame. However, when they pulled the car from the ditch, it was to my understanding that there would rear suspension and possible unibody/frame damage. I understand there isn’t much to go on, especially without a picture but I’m just wondering if anyone has any relatable first hand experience based on a similar accident and can tell me if they think the car will be considered totaled or not. Thanks!

What does your insurer say? They are the ones with the opinion that counts.

In addition to talking to your insurance agent . . .

How about posting some pictures

Lots of pictures, from multiple angles

A 2004 Liberty can’t be worth much at this point. I’d say it’s very likely to be totaled.

Good Greif , how fast was this OP going while turning?

I Agree With lion9car. An 04 Anything Is Almost 12 Model-Years Old!

I’m Afraid The Heading Should Have Been, “Wondering If 2004 Jeep Liberty Is Savable”

Do you have collision insurance?
Deductible amount?

How many miles on this Jeep?
Do you want it saved?

Any vehicle can be repaired, but…
Insurance companies look at going the least expensive route. They find an approximate value of the car prior to the collision or what it would be after repairs and consider the salvage value of the vehicle if it wasn’t repaired, but rather sold for scrap/parts.

Another thing that scares insurance companies off are any possible “opens” or hidden damage that could be found after repairs are started. If the vehicles needs frame/body alignment it gets expensive.

Sorry, but I think you can put a fork in it. Keep in mind that if you’ve got collision coverage and you want it saved, you can find a shop that will “contract” a repair amount, using any means necessary (used panels, etcetera) , and buy the “salvage” (your Jeep) from the insurance company and take the remainder of the settlement in a check.


Help Us Out.
If, The Day Before The “Accident,” You Found A Car Just Like Yours, Same Model-Year, Similar Miles, Equipment, And Condition, On A Used Car Lot, What Price Would They Have On It?


If you were issued a traffic ticket, then all repairs on this vehicle will be YOUR responsibility…You would have to have collision insurance, rare on a 11 year old car…Then there will be the deductible, which you must pay…Your liability insurance will pay to fix the other guys car…

In what scenario would this be covered without collision insurance? None that I can think of. The presence or absence of a ticket has no bearing.
Were you in 4 wheel drive at the time? If you were, that is likely the cause of your spin. Unless your tires are bald, I doubt if you hydroplaned. Hydroplaning is much more likely when going straight at high speed when the groves in the tire can’t shed the water fast enough to prevent you from climbing up on it.