Wompwompwomp MmMmmMm beodoodoodpebbdoododo



I have reason to believe that I have a bad tire or tires on my rear axle…

2 weeks ago my car was in the body shop having deer damage repaired. In the process of re-aligning, the tires were rotated front to back.

I immediately noticed noise issues with this car:

20-40 MPH: wompwompwompwompwomp

45-50 MPH: MmMMMMmmMM (like loud humming)

60+ beodoodoodoodboeodoodoodoodoodo (annoying).

The tires that ended up on the front axle needed to be replaced anyway, so I did just that and it made no difference in the noise.

I let my dad drive the car while I sat in the back seat and the annoying sounds definetely dominated the rear of the car.

The tires that ended up on the rear axle have enough tread but previously had some wear issues before the accident. Before the wreck I had the car aligned and I was told that the tires had radial pull to the left. But they made no noise like this.

The only significant front-end damage that occured from the accident was a snapped tie-rod end.

So I’m wondering if I should tell my mechanic about my suspicions and about the accident, etc or just simply let him ride along and listen for himself. (I know pros dont like it when customers “diagnose” their own cars).


Well, you could have your mechanic look at it; and, also tell the body shop. If the insurance covered the cost of repairs, they will, also, cover defects discovered after repairs are thought to be finished. They can send a field agent to the car to talk to the repairers, to OK repairs (or, not).


Is the noise i’m describing consistent with a bad tire or tires ?