Wobbly Mini Van

I’ve got a 2005 Honda Odyssey and recently it started to “wobble” at relatively high speeds. I think I’ve isolated the scenario in which it wobbles the most. If I travel between 65-70 mph and then take my foot off the accelerator to coast, the car wobbles when it hits 60mph. It will continue to wobble until the speed goes down to around 55mph. By accelerating, I can get the wobbling to stop. This is the only time I’ve noticed this occuring. I’m kind of strapped for cash, so I hesitate bringing it in the dealer. I’m hoping someone (maybe even click and clack) can shed some light on this for me!

Bring it to a reputable independently owned and operated shop. You no longer need the dealer, and they usually cost much more.

It sounds like it might be a CV joint, but other worn parts can also cause this phenomenoon. Someone will need to get it on a rack and take a look-see.

Don’t wait too long to have this checked out. If something in the front end fails at 70 MPH, the results may not be good.

Before you take it to the shop check the lug nuts on each wheel for tightness, tire pressure, and look for any bulges in the tire sidewalls.

Ed B.

Don’t drive at high speeds until you solve this problem! Please think about other vehicles on the road around you and what the consequences would be to people in those vehicles if you lost control at that speed.