Wobble wobble


hey guys,

recently, i bought a kia rio 2004. car seems to be in pretty good shape. there is only one REALLY weird thing about my kia rio. On my way to work, i drive across a metal-floored bridge. My kia, while driving across that bridge, wobbles tremendously. It is the only time while driving my kia that I can see and feel my kia wobble. It happens without fail every time. Any thoughts as to why this occurs? I’d love to know so I can fix this before winter hits!

Let me know,

I’d really appreciate it.


The grooves in your tires are trying to follow the grooves on the bridge. This is a common problem and nothing to worry about.

The only fix is to find a set of tires that do NOT have circumferential grooves.

You aren’t crossing the Mathews Bridge in Jacksonville, FL are you? The grating on this bridge, and other bridges of the same era, are made of patterns that can be unsafe at speeds above 35 MPH. On the Mathews Bridge, even at or below the speed limit, I can feel the grating pulling my car from side to side. If you don’t see this behavior any other time, just blame it on the bridge.

I agree that this is a common problem. It’s common not only with cars, but with other vehicles too. You should try it on a bicycle. In some states it’s illegal to try to ride a bike across these bridges.