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Wobble Left and Right on Ribbed Highway

My 2013 chevy cruze wobbles on the parts of the highway that have a ribbed texture (vertical lines cut into the road). It’s a pretty scary feeling that I’ve never had problems with in any of my other cars I’ve owned.

I brought in into the mechanics and they replaced the right front lower ball joint and front sway bar links, as well as did an alignment. On my way home it still was wobbling just the same on that part of the highway.

Any idea what else it could be that they might not have taken a look at? Should I bring it in somewhere else for a second opinion?

Over inflated tires?

Same brand tires,tread pattern on all 4 wheels?

If the alignment is right and all suspension components are good, this points to the tires. Some are more prone to this behavior, called tramlining. Read some info on this phenomenon here:

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Are the tires original, or have you replaced them? If original, how much tread is left?

Car is 6 yrs old. I would say, has the issue ever been better or worse on similar roads while you have owned it? How old are these tires?