Wipers travel is off

The wiper travel on my torrent is off. The blade arms do not go fully home and they do not fully extend. I tried to move each arm and they are tight. I can feel no slop in the mounting. Like a loose nut. They work fine, nice and quiet. No odd clunks like it’s a linkage issue. If the arm was 5 deg off from home, wouldn’t it then travel 5 deg more at full wipe?

Yes…is the answer to your question. I think you should compare your wiper movement to an identical model, same year. It is probably just poor design. “They all do that”.

I have 2 identical suvs. Grey is correct, black is too high.image image
The fully extended position is not as far on the black one also.
I just noticed the molding on black one has a bulge where the grey one is straight. Might have to look closer. The end of blade is flexible. I don’t think it is hanging up on the molding.

My torrent blades sweep a 75 deg arc? My equinox does a 89deg arc. When I adjust both vehicles so arms are horizontal or parallel with hood, the equinox extends so blade is 1-2” from being vertical. The torrent is at least 6-8” from windshield post. I swapped the equinox assy to torrent and it swings 90 deg and acts normal? I measured both motor crank arms-2.5” and all 4 wiper arms 3” or so. Everything looks identical. What/why is wrong with torrent assy?

You can see motor arm in middle and the left blade arm. Motor rotates. Blade arm pivots. Nothing to adjust. A 75 deg arm swing is not correct? Both left and right pivot arms are same length. So both should produce same swing arc.

From the picture in post #3 it looks like “snow mode”. On some vehicles there is a detent/second position in the wiper linkage to allow for snow build up in the cowl but I don’t see that in your wiper linkage picture.

Are all of the joints tight? Is the motor shaft nut tight? Can you move the wiper arms 15 degrees by hand indicating that something is loose?

I took both wiper assys off and put them side by side and measured everything. Crank arm lengths, rod lengths. They are identical. I cannot figure out why both have different strokes. The equinox one is on torrent now. It works fine
The black torrent arms were adjusted so they were at 10 deg angle when off. So the arms would be closer to vertical at full wipe.
Yes, odd, 2 identical wiper assys and they have different strokes. I could not answer that if it happened to someone online. I would have trouble believing it.

Grabbed a used assy at boneyard. Works fine now. As you might assume.

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Did you figure out what was loose in the old assembly?

Nothing was loose. The motor arm rotated 360 deg. Silent. The arms at each spindle were silent. Zero looseness. Only, if by some odd chance that someone before me swapped out assy from another gm? I had 4 torrents to choose from and 7 equinoxes in boneyard. I took one from an equinox.

If there is excessive play in one of the ball sockets or if the motor shaft nut is loose the won’t necessarily be noise.

Both arms were off. Too short of swing. I held assy in my hand and let it run. I could feel nothing off. But we are not talking about 2-3 deg of error. They were 15 deg off. No loose nut is causing 15 deg of short swing.

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Oh well, if it’s working now, I’d forget about it,and move on
Good job, thanks for the update.