Wiper relay



were exactly is the wiper relay for a 1994 buick lasaber


There isn’t one.



That explains why I can’t find it. fuse under the dash is not blown but wipers wont work.is thair a fuse elawere?


Nope. Just the 25 amp #8E fuse.

There is a wiper motor module in this circuit. This might be located under the wiper motor cover. Check to see if there’s a solid state circuit board under the cover. If there is, this is called the Pulse Board. And that could be the problem.

But before you just start replacing parts, check to see if the wiper motor even works. Unplug the connector to the wiper motor, and the yellow wire on the connector is power into the wiper motor. Run a jumper wire from the positive battery post to the terminal in the wiper that this yellow wire connects to. The wiper motor should run. If not, replace the wiper motor. If it does run, then suspect the wiper motor module.