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Wiper position after linkage replacement

I just replaced the wiper linkage on my 2005 Honda Accord. When I reinstalled the wiper arms/blades and turned the car on to test, the wiper cycle seems to be wrong. Now the wipers have a short initial travel, followed by a long reset, and improper park position. I tried letting the motor cycle without the arms and replacing, and I tried to put the arms at the furthest travel extent, but either the cycle still isn’t working right.

Some thoughts:

  1. When I put the crank arm back on, was it supposed to be aligned in a particular way? It seemed like only one orientation allowed for it to connect to the arm.
  2. The guide I was using had me turn the wipers on and then stop them at their apex prior to removal, perhaps this threw off the cycle?

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!

Follow these instructions:

Thanks for the link! Not paying attention to the position of the crank arm on the motor was the problem so I had to trial and error with it, but got it taken care of!

Well done , Corollaguy .

Glad I could help!