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Wiper fluid

I have a 2006 Honda Civic. When the weather is below freezing, I cannot get the wiper fluid to spray onto the windows. Clearly something is freezing here. But the fluid isn’t supposed to freeze, so I don’t understand what’s going on. When the temperature rises or if the car is in the sun long enough, they work fine. But they’re useless when I need them most. What’s going on? Is there something I can put on or in the sprayers to prevent this from happening?

Are you sure you’re using “winter mix” wiper fluid? Do you us it all year long or just top the reservoire off with it when the weather gets cold?

All washer fluids are not made equal. Some, especially the “eco-friendly” ones, are only good down to ridiculously high temperatures, like +20. You need to find the skull-and-crossbones kind that’s good down to the absolute coldest you think it ever gets where you live.

Next time it thaws out, just run the sprayers 'till they’re empty and refill with better fluid. Then run it a bit more to clear the old stuff out of the lines. Don’t forget the rear if so equipped!

WASHER fluid is mixable for cuurent temps. If you buy the pre-mix, you have the summer mix in there now, get the winter mix. If you buy the concentrate, mix it for the proper temps.
There’s even a brand of WASHER fluid that will help defrost.

I suggest emptying the reservoir and refilling with another brand of washer fluid.

I had the driver’s side washer nozzle freeze up a few weeks ago, while the passenger’s side continued to work. Still haven’t figured that one out, because it’s been colder since then and the washers are working just fine.

the blue washer fluid has a great deal of alcohol in it which is hydroscopic and absorbs water over time then the freezing temp of it goes way up. Use a winter blend and flush out the system, winter blend has some propylene glycol (RV and Marine antifreeze that is not poisonous) in it and lowers the freeze point to -28F.