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Recommendations for good windshield washer fluid?

My windshield washer fluid is a little low. No light has come on so I know that it is ok. Since Honda is picky about their fluids (ATF, coolant, brake fluids) I was wondering if their is a specific Honda windshield washer fluid they use? My manual just says fill with good quality washer fluid. Any recommendations for a good brand? is it bad to add washer fluid to the brand that’s already in the car? I live in Orlando, fl so I don’t think freezing is an issue.

thank you for your help!!

car: honda accord 2002 ex 4cyc 2.3L automatic 104,500 miles.

Any washer fluid is fine. They all work about the same and mixing them is not an issue.

The only suggestion I’ll make is that if you live in an area that gets cold, use the “winter mix”. “Summer mix” will freeze in the lines.

There is no “better” fluid. They’re all as good as the next.

put 3 cups of your favorite window cleaner in a gallon milk jug and fill with tap water. Fill your reservoir with the mix and replace as needed.

That may not be a good idea in many areas that get well below freezing.  Summer it would be fine.

Whatever is available in your area will be fine.

This is one time you don’t need to use “Honda-specific” fluids.

It’s Blue…It comes in gallon jugs. In 104K miles, you must have purchased many of these jugs…In Florida, plain water works pretty good…You seldom get many price-points with this product…Whatever they have is what you get…

Thanks for the advise!!! I’ll go to the auto store and pick some up.

104,000 miles and you are obsessing about the brand of washer fluid?

I use Rain-X. Eventually it builds a film on your windshield where you barely need to use the windshield wipers as the droplets just fling off as it leaves a slippery surface. It takes a few bottles before you notice the difference. Also helps with ice forming.

I am waiting for the day when synthetic windshield fluid comes on the market. We will then have numerous posts on whether or not the synthetic fluid cleans the windshield better and whether it is worth the extra cost.

In the meantime, watch for specials at your discount stores. I buy whatever fluid I can find at the lowest price.

LOL All windshield washer fluid is synthetic. (except water, and maybe that if you produced it by burning hydrogen with oxygen)

What amuses me about the post is that asking a simple question about washer fluid, the poster lists his make, model, and year of car, as well as mileage, when there are so many people with heinously complex problems that they want help with that can’t bother to do the same. Many look like they’re written by ADHD third-graders.

–I’d recommend a 1995 Bordeaux washer fluid…

The thing I don’t like about that is if you end up traveling somewhere cold you may not remember you have no freeze protection. Your fluid may freeze up and not work, or ice up your windsheild on use.

thank you for all your replies! Much respect!!!

And to Mr. Oldtimer 11, whenever I had car problems or it needed servicing, my father would take care of it. Now that I am a grown woman, I am taking responsibility. Since I started reading and asking questions on this forum, I’ve learned so much. I’ve even read my manual and looked under the hood to learn and check fluids.(I know everybody should do this but they don’t!!!) hence,I knew washer fluid was low.

I received this car at 90,000 miles. You say at 104,000 miles I’m being obsessive? I would like the car to last another 150,000 miles. From this forum, I’ve learned that if you’re good to your car, it will be good to you.

I will definitely look into Rainx. Apparently, all the auto stores are out of washer fluid at the moment but maybe I can pick up the 1995 Bordeaux from Total Wine and Spirits and give it a try;)

again thank you from this silverhondaGIRL;)

Not recommended if you have a white car! Good luck on the next 150k.

Perfect! Silverhondagirl lives in Orlando, FL.

That makes it a guarantee she will not go to New york City? What are you trying to say?

When I am in McAllen, which happens only when I am back in the States, I find they do not have washer fluid rated for very cold weather. But, when I go to the Northern US, it isn’t practical to suck out the freezable stuff and put in new. So, I want to put in only the cold weather stuff.

Last time I went North, I bought two gallons of really cold weather stuff and took it back to Mcallen.

The strange thing in McAllen is they have large numbers of Winter Texans who also may be driving north at times when it is cold, yet don’t seem to want to stock it.

I agree, it is not a good idea to put in fluid that is not rated well below zero in any car that may be driven to the Snow Zone. If you are sure you will never go there, use the stuff normally stocked for the snow-free zone.

I actually don’t use a lot of fluid. In one year in Mexico, I did not add any. I wash my windshield when it gets dirty, so don’t routinely use the washer very much.

The rear window, I don’t think I have ever added any and the car is 2002.

I use the Prestone fluid, it does a bit better than some of the ‘blue’ generics on cleaning for me. But do check to make sure there’s no junk floating around the bottom of the bottle, I had that once with the Rain-X, plugged things up.