Wiper blades not making full contact

I was at an auto shop yesterday to do the state inspection. I was told the wiper blades need to be replaced to pass the inspection, so I had them replaced. Today I noticed the short wiper blade is not making full contact with the windshield on the passenger side, with about 7-inch far end up. Is this a problem? If so, I’ll go back and ask them to fix it. I measured it and the size is correct (17 inches). Thanks.

What exactly was replaced? Did they just replace the rubber insert (if that’s possible on your car) or the whole blade?

I actually don’t know. I was shown the issue is the rubber splits at one end. I just want to get the inspection done, so I didn’t ask what was replaced. I assumed the whole blades, but could be the rubber itself. I was charged $25 for it. The car is 2010 Honda CRV, not sure if the rubber itself can be replaced. thanks.

It should make full contact. I’d take it back, or I’d buy some good quality blades at Walmart (Michelin High Performance work for me).

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Michelin brand is the best and you can get them at Costco,Walmart etc. Mine look brand new after 5 years of summer and winter use.

Thanks to everyone. I went back to the auto shop and they replaced both front wiper blades and now they fit well.


Glad it worked. That price would be just for the refills I’m sure. If the Honda blades though are like the Acura blades, they are a little tricky to put on. I always just use the OEM refills and they work like new.

I have had Bosch Icon blades for 5 years, Summer and Winter and they still work great. Pricey, but worth it. I have had the Michein blades and they are OK.