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Wiper blade doesn't return to resting postition

I have an 04 ford focus. The wiper motor works fine in both full on and intermittent settings. When I depress the arm to just a single swipe instead of doing the full range of motion it stops as soon as I let go of the the lever. I am assuming that the wiper motor is in good working order being that it works fine in all 3 other settings. I.E. Intermittent, regular and high settings. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

According to the factory wiring diagram for the wipers for your vehicle, the switch itself is the problem.


It is not your switch and no your not going crazy. When you push the wiper arm down it stops right when you let it go. My just did this last month. (Not kidding) You have to unplug and re plug the relay for the wiper in the fuse box that is located inside on the drivers side. Should be a CD holder in-front of it (mine has that CD holder door).
it is R18 & R19 they are both the same R19 is front R18 Is the back wiper
Here is the link to the where to and How to.

I did not even take mine out I just wiggled it and that was it.

That is awesome. I always like it when it is an easy fix. Thanks for the reply and the link. I haven’t taken care of it yet but will today and update with how the fix went. Again Thanks a bunch Buzzmeok.