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Winterizing a 2011 Prius for -60. (Ft Wainwright, AK)

No I do not own a prius

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Just blocked it up before I drove back to the house. Had been using cardboard but hadn’t done anything to it yet and made a bit difference over cardboard and better look too!

If you need fresh lamps or anything less expensive from amazon or eBay get it before coming up. Chances are it won’t ship or it will for three times the cost of the item.

That means also check the health of the hybrid modules and see if you need to rebuild your battery before you leave. Can’t buy anything but a complete rebuild up here for $2000 and a $900 core. Modules are only $35 “outside” or in the lower 48. So much money to save if you know what you need before coming up. Safe travels. Just made the drive up after my daughter heart surgery in Seattle. It’s always beautiful! Keep speeds down 100 miles either side of the boarder, the frost heaves will eat a front bumper. 10-15 under the posted limit should do it but watch for the warnings that the Canadians give you.

Just so you know, this is a 7 year old question.

Didn’t see the apostrophe in front of the 13. Thought it was a post from this month.

I guess the next guy will get to glean then.

Well gee, maybe them will let us know how it turned out. If it were me though, I’d park the Prius for the winter and buy a warm pick up.