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Subaru Forester AWD VS. Toyota RAV4 with on Demand 4WD

What will perform better in the ice and snow, and going up and down a long steep driveway? a Subaru Forester or the Toyota RAV4 with their ability to lock the differential on the 4 wheel drive system?

You can search YouTube for comparisons of Subaru vs. the others. It’s fun to watch.

There is no AWD system superior to Subaru’s. I said “AWD,” that’s not the same as 4WD.

The Subaru AWD system will drive the vehicle when the others won’t.

I own a Subaru with AWD and a pickup truck with 4WD. I prefer driving the Subaru when there’s snow on the roads.

what about on a long steep driveway? would the 4 wheel drive be superior for climbing, descending that? I don’t quite understand the difference between subarus AWD and a 4WD on that type of situation. seems they are both send ing power to all wheels?

With the diff locked on a RAV4 (current generation) it would be about the same as a Subaru AWD. I have Subaru AWD and my sister RAV4 with diff lock.

I will say the Toyota AWD in current generation is awful(worthless) in some situations without the diff lock especially if not available.