Winter tires

I live in Canada ,but anyone of you that live in northern parts of USA maybe able to answer this.Has anyone using these winter ice radials kept them on all summer?

I do understand they do wear out faster than summer tires, but are they safe to drive in hot weather at normal 60 to 65 MPH

or would they not stand the heat and possible not be safe? Also what about hydoplanning on very wet roads? Would like people who have actually tried these tires in summer to answer. Thanks in advance.


I have run my winter tires in 80F weather.

The wet traction ability varies by winter design. There is no drastic difference due to temperature.

What does happen in the warm weather is winter tires lose their grip much easier if you push them. They are safe to run at higher speeds(speed rating is typically at least 99mph on them).

I would think that rubber compounds designed for winter usage would not only wear faster, but generate more heat - and that would increase the risk of a heat related tire failure, which sometimes has tragic results.

How is speed rating testing done(eg ambient temp)? Most winter tires are Q(99mph) or T(112mph) rated.