2013 Nissan Altima - Winter tires during slow summer?

Is it safe to drive about 15 miles per week in summer with snow tires during pandemic?

Completely safe. However, if the winter tires are studded it’s a no-no. Some states have rules about it. If no studs, you are all set. The winter rubber wears a little quicker. We will assume you are not in Death Valley doing this.

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I run my winter tires all year round.

I’m retired from the company I use to work for, so that means I no longer drive on the freeway very often.

And driving at high speeds in hot weather is what wears out winter tires.


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Thank you! I’ll change the tires if I drive to Death Valley!:wink:

Tester, thanks. I appreciate all the times you have answered my questions :slightly_smiling_face:

No problem! One of our vehicles will only go about 1000 miles over the summer and early fall. It is not worthwhile to swap tries.

However I would not recommend fast driving on extremely hot pavement.

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Good to know. Really!
So, if I drive from the East Coast to Death Valley, on the highway…I must change the tires.
My husband nags me about getting a blowout on streets and hills in a 30 mph zone…he’s not going to be happy when I tell him about these replies. Are you available for marital advice too? :wink:

You always can start with the tire manufacturer’s recommendations. That being said, winter tires use rubber compounds that remain softer for better grip on snow/ice and at low temperatures. Those compounds likely have a lower high temperature resistance rating (posted on the side wall). Driving a few miles here and there in summer conditions probably will do nothing worse than wear them out faster, and don’t count on full emergency handling performance - stopping distances may be longer, etc. With careful driving around town you probably won’t have a problem, but for freeway driving and long trips I’d seriously consider regular tires. For what it’s worth, some All Seasons tires, like Michelin and a few others, do well both summer and winter, but many All Seasons are poor on snow and ice and undeserving of the label.

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Where are your non winter tires?

Non winter tires are in the garage.

Get them installed unless they are worned and unsafe.Tire noise and longer braking distance on hot pavement is also to consider with winter tires.

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I would not want the winter tires on except when the season calls for them
Just call the tire shop you use and ask what their safety precautions for this terrible Virus is. Many shops are doing the work and disinfecting vehicles before they return it to you . Probably less chance of contact then a trip to the grocery store.