Winter tires in summer PSI

So say someone has some michelin Xi3 winter tires, driving them in the summer where temps can get into the 90s, would the psi be set lower or higher and how much?

If they are the same size as the tires the carmaker put on, the correct pressure is on the sticker in the driver’s door jamb. Measure PSI in the morning before driving and preferably before the sun has hit one side of the car more than the other.

Same pressures apply as summer or all-season tires. However prepare yourself for rapid tire wear and sub-par handling.

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They are not meant for summer temps. That causes very accelerated wear and if they are relatively new, will be lousy handling as the tread is very soft.


1 thing I learned about winter tire’s when I moved in Fla year’s ago (when there was still full serve gas station’s) . a friend worked at one. He called me & said a guy bought a new set of tire’s there & asked me if would like to have as they were almost new i looked at them & they had very little wear but they were deep lugged snow tires i put them on the rear thinking they would be good in the sugar sand they were they dug down & got stuck twice fast.(any one who has been in Fla for a while know’s what sugar sand is)

Does anyone else get “Deflategate” flashbacks when you see a tire pressure post?


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