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New Winter Tires, Driving from Cold weather NY to Florida

Hello everyone

I just bought a brand new set of 4 Michelin Xi2 tires and i am driving to Florida from upper NY State. What Pressure should i put in the tires when i leave versus when i am driving around for 2 weeks on them in Florida?

 You should start off with the pressure set to what is posted on the sticker in your glove box or the fuel cover.  You can recheck it after you arrive in Florida and have let the tyres cool off.   I would add a couple PSI before starting the drive back.  Remember the pressure is always listed cold not after running at highway speeds.

The tires are not the original equipment tires on the van… does the sticker values still apply? Is there not a website i can go to get the correct PSI for my specific tires?

As long as the tires are the same size then the PSI applies.

Okay thank you for your help