Winter storage of a 2000 audi tt

What are all the procedures one should follow when storing a 2000 Audi tt outside for an entire northern New England winter?

a good car cover and a bottle of fuel stabalizer or heet

I would try to find inside storage. In any case there are a few things to consider:

  • If you use a cover on it, make sure it is a very good cover. A few months of wind blowing that cover over the same spot can wear through the paint.

  • Cars can become targets for critters. Various rodents and others can make a home in your car doing a great deal of damage.

  • I recommend removing the battery (after making sure I know any security codes that might be needed in the spring. Take the battery inside and put a battery tender/maintainer (special battery charger) to keep it charged and to make it more difficult for anyone who would try to steal it.

  • Cancel your collision insurance as you will not be the cause of any accidents when parked, but keep the comprehensive active. See you agent for details. You can save a lot this way.

Good Luck