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Winter coming

winter coming i;am thinking about getting a battery jump box. what amp should i be looking for.

Why do you think you need one ? If your current battery is good and not very old it probably won’t get used. If your battery might not work this winter put the money toward a new battery.


It depends on your starter motor. They are rated in watts. My Corolla uses a 1.2 kwatt version I think. The current needed from a 12 volt battery to produce 1200 watts is 1200/12 amps. Or 100 amps.

My son gave me a pack from HF, link below. I jumped a caddy sedan and a Honda SUV with out any trouble. It is a good deal especially with a coupon. Charge it once a month and after you use it. If you want to spend a few more $ get the one with a pump

I bought one last winter (closing the barn door after the horse left). The only time I’ve used it is when the lawn mower battery went dead. It was handy but I’m charging up a new mower battery so not sure when I’ll need it again. I just got a cheap $40-50 one.

If you think you need a “jump box”, maybe what you actually need is a new battery or a good tuneup instead. Or, if you live in North Dakota (like I did for three years), perhaps you need a plugin engine heater.

In short, be sure everything is in good shape and you shouldn’t need a “jump box”. It’d be a better investment of your money.

I recently had one of those batteries that worked fine and then suddenly didn’t. A wrecker service gave me a jump for 25.00. I can almost guarantee if I had a jump pack it would have been at my house and probably not charged.

That one gets excellent reviews, and has the advantage of battery technology that means you only have to top it off once every three months or so unlike the old ones which sit there and drain if they’re not plugged in all the time. Note that if your engine is larger than 3L, you’ll need the up-rated version which is currently on backorder.

I don’t have it myself, but I have probably 30 other Anker battery products and they’re all universally excellent.