Windshield Wipers will NOT turn off!

2003 GMC sierra with 145K, 2WD. A light rain started today so I had to turn the windshield wipers on. Now…they won’t cut off at all. Tried turning truck off for several minutes and restarting. Same issue, wipers go all the time. They will change between fast/slow/delayed etc. They just won’t turn off. Any ideas and help appreciated.


Sounds like a faulty switch

The problem is most likely with the wiper motor pulse board.

The pulse board controls everything for the wiper motor.

The pulse board is located on the wiper motor.



Agree with tester- known problem.

There’s a recall on the WW motor, but only applies if the build date is b/t 15-08-15 and 18-09-15. TSB # 15789. I’m not sure what those numbers mean in relation to actual dates, but you can see the build date on the motor’s label apparently. You have to remove the inlet air grill to see it. If the date range means a build date in the year 2015, this doesn’t apply to your 03 Sierra obviously.

Absent the motor, the problem might be the switch that turns the motor on and off. Probably part of the multi-function switch. Have you tried tapping on the handle with a small screwdriver? Sometimes the shock wave will transmit down the shaft and unstick a stuck switch.