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Windshield wipers and gauges troubleshooting

I have recently noticed that the wipers on my 99 chevy suburban are acting weird. In the lower settings, the ones where it goes like every 3 minutes, or so, it will go up but not back down. When I put it in the 2 higher settings, it will go up and down until I got to turn them off and then it will stay up and I have to push them down.

Also, I noticed that when I turn my suburban off that the gauges on the dash will not go down to 0 like they used to. Like the gas stays at full, the temp stays where it was, the oil stays at 40, etc.

Are all these related to one another? Does anyone have any idea of what might be going bad or have gone bad?

I don’t know about the gauges. The wiper problem sounds like an issue with the switch inside the wiper transmission that tells the wipers where to park. It could be the switch contacts, the wiring, or the wiper control module. You need a manual with troubleshooting guides to figure out which part is bad.

The part to fix the wipers is called the “pulse assembley” 10 min job part is probably $50.00 or so you will need a 15 or 20 torx tip.

No tip’s on the cluster concern, does it read right when powered up? my guess is a failure inthe cluster,you could try a cluster disconnect and reconnect,as I remember the cluster is not so hard to get out.

There may be a problem with the ignition switch or a sticking relay that is allowing power to stay on to the gauges.